How to stay organized as an artist

Artists are often regarded to be notoriously messy (I have to admit I fall into that category). We often excuse our "messiness" as part of our creative personality and packed schedules. But disorganization can be one of the reason you aren't finding enough time to create more art. If you are one of those artists who have to deal with clutter and busy schedules most of the time, here 6 tips to help you stay organized.

Keep a to-do list

Having a to-do list means you have a clear organizational system of your everyday tasks. All activities become more manageable and you can stay focus on the most important task before you move on to the next one. As you cross item in the to-do list, there is a sense of accomplishment that effectively motivates you to keep on going until the last item.

Focus on one goal at a time

Everyone has life goals. To prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, it is probably best to break down some major goals into multiple steps or milestones. Every milestone should be realistic and have a reasonable time limit. The sense of accomplishment each time you reach a milestone is a strong motivation to pursue bigger goals.

Plan out your week

A typical week for an artist can be entirely different from everybody else’s week. Having a plan for at the beginning of every week (including weekend) can be helpful to make sure you get your most important tasks done. Outline all the tasks you need to complete and make a plan for your weekend, too. A well-made plan helps prevent the distractions that can come at you each week. 

Have a place for everything

Make sure there is a place for every item in your house and studio. Clutter can be distracting and actually slow down your performance. When all items in your home and your workstations are stored and managed tidily, you don't waste time looking for things.

Practice minimalism

Being a minimalist does not always mean you don’t care about the materialistic world at all and throw away all your personal belongings. Minimalistic life means simpler life by not purchasing things you don’t need. As long as you fulfill the basic needs to be comfortable with your life and job, chances are you don’t need anything more. If you have to spend money, make sure it's something that adds a lot of value to your life.

Utilize the cloud

Cloud storage will help you be more organized and productive.  If you store all your important documents, photos, and all files in the cloud you can access the files from anywhere. When you are away from home or office, cloud storage allows you to check, read, edit, and share every file real time.

As an artist, you probably find yourself not having enough time to do the creative work you love. By staying organized, at least you don’t have to struggle with cluttering items, schedules, or possible financial surprises. Being organized means you get rid of things you don’t need, focus on your goals, and have an easy time managing everything in life.

What's your best tip for staying organized as an artist? Comment below to share with other to be our best creative selves.