How to not fail as an artist


Thinking of yourself as an artist can be one of the scariest things. For many of us selling our art online is just a dream. 

In a lot of ways, we find ourselves going through all the motions of being an artist but were missing a big part.

You spent a lot of time getting supplies. Buying the fancy cameras or thinking about upgrading our computers.

Then you put a lot of time and energy into making art.  You put a lot of emotion into creating something great. 

Then you go online and look at other's art...

And you don't post.

And that's the way to guarantee failure as an artist.

It happens to everyone. From new artists to artists making thousands of dollars a month.  

Sharing your work online is one of the most intimidating things you can do.

But if you don't you're guaranteed to fail.

Here are 4 way you can move past the comparison game and start sharing your work with the world.

1. Make a lot of art.

Every piece you make doesn't have to be perfect nor will it be. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to make a great piece of art. But the secret is not in getting it right the first time. The secret is making a lot of art and sharing only the best pieces. 

Of course, this is easier for some mediums and other. For example, I shoot at least 30 shots to everyone that I pick. 

If you are a painter or you draw, that may be hard. But there are ways to make a couple pieces without making a whole thing. Sketch out some ideas and pick the ones that you feel will be the most successful.

2. Don't leave the choice up to yourself.

Have a couple friends to run your art by before you post. Find your friends that our the most honest and will give you good feedback. Having a friend or two that you trust will make you feel more confident post.

Also, try to pick friends or family who are not artists. Sometimes artists will look to technical at the piece (trust me people who are buying don't make decisions like that). Besides, it's better to have people who might be potential customers. Try to pick friends that you think might be like the people who would buy a piece of your art. 

Ask them for their opinions before you post. Also asked them what they liked or didn't like about a piece. The more information you get the better of artist you'll be.

3. Don't worry about selling.

Of course, you want to make art that sells, but if you only worry about selling you won't make good art. Focus on bringing joy and excitement to people. Art is meant to bring thoughtfulness, meaning, and enjoyment to people. Focus on those things more than selling and you'll do just fine.

4. Remember that one like is a big deal.

When you first getting started, you won't have hundreds of likes on every piece. But remember there are small wins. When someone likes art that's a real person who has enjoyed your art. That's exciting.

Happy to sell art online

Make sure to thank them they might be your first fans. As you continue to share they will be the people who help get your art seen by more people.

Fail at selling art online

So remember there's only one way to guarantee failure as an artist. Don't share your work! 

Selling or online can be life-changing. But it starts slow. If you can fight through the frustration and make sure that you share your work even when you're insecure, worried, and will be rewarded.

So what are some ideas I missed? Comment below on how you overcome the fear of posting online.