Artist Spotlight with Danny Ivan: Focus on Your Work

Danny Ivan is a visual artist and freelance graphic designer who now lives in Portugal.  He's done work for Adobe and Starbucks and is one of the leading artists on Society6.  He shared some advice for artists looking to make a living on their work. 

What’s your best advice for getting your first sell?

Today I focus a lot on my work only, but I believe that if you have vision and a purpose things happen in one way or another, because a multitude of people will connect with your purpose.

What’s your #1 source of inspiration?


Who are your 3 favorite Society6 Artists?

It's pretty hard to say because I love many people but i can highlight:
Ruben IrelandEric Fan and Budi Kwan

What’s you best advice for someone first starting out selling their art?

Focus on your work, find your purpose and never give up.