3 Things We Can Learn from Artist Lorraine Loots

[2 minute read]

Artist Lorraine Loots is getting a lot of coverage about her amazing work of quarter-sized art following her recent "Ants in New York" show.  Here are 3 things we all can learn from her work and promotion.

1. Art gets more promotion when the creation process is part of the story

Not only is Lorraine's work beautiful but it's unique. She's able tell a story along with it. The market for great art is so big.  You have to be unique to stand out.  Her's has several unique stories within each piece.

1.She tried to paint each one within an hour.
2. She did one piece each day.
3. Each piece reflected something from her day.

2. Just being on social media sites isn't enough

Lorraine was able to use Instagram to not only post her art, but also to engage with her audience.  She posted her art daily on Instagram and let her fans bid on each piece by commenting.

3. People want to buy from people

People buying art now of days really want to "know the artist." Social media has allowed the line from artist to buyer to be blurred.  Often people will friend me on Facebook or follow me on instagram after buy my art.  Allow that to happen and promote yourself and the process as much as the art.

We all can learn a lot of things from Lorraine Loots work. She should be an inspiration to us all when we think about creating and promoting our own art.  

Which of these key learnings could you add to your work?