5 Questions for Artist Jennifer Cambell

How did you get started selling your art online? 

I began an Etsy shop in 2011 selling jewelry and one day had the thought to list some of the photos I had taken on a trip to California. I began slowly selling a few prints there and then when I discovered Society6 I knew I wanted to try it since they do all of the printing work, all I had to do was upload my photos. The more I traveled, the more eager I was to share my photos and turn them into art prints. 

What mental barriers did you have to overcome to start selling online? 

I had to overcome thinking my work wasn't good enough, that it wouldn't sell. I'm glad I stuck with it though because over the years my skills and the quality of my work has definitely improved, experience is the best teacher and everyone has to start somewhere! 

 What's your favorite site to sell your art? Why? 

My favorite place to sell my jewelry and housewares would be etsy because they have a really great handmade community and they make it easy to take care of all the necessities like printing shipping labels, keeping track of your income and shop statistics and they allow you to sell wholesale right from your shop...and my favorite place to sell my photos is Society6 because as I mentioned earlier, it really couldn't be easier. I don't have to worry about printing or shipping myself. 

What are your 3 favorite websites for advice or inspiration? 

For advice I love YouTube, I have learned so much there. It seems like there is a tutorial for anything I could possibly need. For inspiration I love A Beautiful Mess blog and 500px.com.

Who are your 3 favorite artists right now? 

My 3 favorite artists right now are Alex Strohl (photographer)

Emily Winfield Martin (illustrator)  

Elle Moss (photographer) 

You can find Jen's work on Society6 here and her Etsy shop here.

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