4 Marketing Goals You Should Set to Build Your Audience and Sell Your Work

Marketing Goals for Artists

It's tough - as a creative - measuring, setting goals, building plans and execution are not our best gifts.  But to get what your work seen, setting marketing goals is critical to your success.  I find that when I don't have goals I:

Find myself posting on every social site with no real return for your effort
Focus on things that don't matter like redesigning my website for the 212th time
Checking your the analytics and sales every hour just hoping that people came to your site.

And ultimately, you'll feel defeated and want to quick.  So let's not do that.  

Focus on setting marketing goals that will actually sell your art.

Goal #1 Your Email List
I know this seems crazy.  Most of us focus on building Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest followers.   That's important, but we are missing out by not building a email list.  As far as clicks, the most bang for the buck you are going to get is through email.

Start this goal small.  Focus on getting 5 people a week.  If you do that, by the end of the year you will have 260 people you can email as soon as you have an announcement or new work.

Goal #2 Social Followers
Followers of course are important for many reasons.  They are your fans ready to share your work and are people that want to connect with you personally.

One suggestion for this goal.  Pick 1 or 2 social sites you want to focus on building.  The temptation will be to work a little bit on every platform.  You won't grow that way.  Pick the ones that drives the most traffic, you already have a decent following on and ultimately the ones you enjoy the most (then you will actually work to build them).

Goal #3 Clicks (from email and social)
What's the point in having a big audience if they don't actually go see your work.  Set a monthly goal for clicks that come from your email and social.  Every month try to increase your traffic by 10%.

Goal #4 Social Interaction
On many social sites (Facebook & Pinterest in particular) it's not enough just to have a big audience.  To get your work seen on feeds you need to have people interacting.

Set a goal for Pinterest likes & Repins, Facebook likes and Twitter RTs.  Start small, then try to grow that number every month.

So, I'm guessing you noticed that sales was not one of the goals?  Trust me that if you focus on audience building, driving traffic to your sites and connecting with your audience...the sales will come.  Setting goals for each of these categories and then hitting them will keep you encouraged on the long road to building your creative side hustle.

What other goals do you suggest?  Comment below to share with others.